Supply, install, commission     and calibrate

 Test & Measuring Instruments such 

 Electrical & Electronic Tools 

 Electronic Components (Resistor, Diode, Capacitor, Transformer and etc).

 Industrial Control & Sensors

 Electrical & Electronic Machinery and Instruments.

 Temperature and Humidity Chambers 

 Capacitor Bank, Electrical Motors and etc. 

Repair, maintenance, upgrade & refurbish Molding Machines 

 Upgrade System Control from relay type to PLC 

 Upgrade Hydraulic System to Servo Hydraulic 

 Refurbish dent and scratches through re-paint and body re-work

 Refurbish wear and tear parts

 Re-wiring work

Value Added Services

 Designing & fabrication works for customised industrial machinery 

 Integration system test 

 Consultancy in Environment, Safety and Health 

 Industrial Production Capacity Audit


✓ On-Site Instrument Calibration

✓ Repair of Instrumentation

✓ Field Serving for Control Valves During Plant Shutdown/Maintenance

✓ On-Site Calibration & Overhaul Service Of Control Valves

✓ Electrical Motor and Pump Motor Repair Work

✓ On-Site Calibration and Flow Rate Efficiency Test For Pumps

✓ Field Calibrations For Instrumentation During Plant Shutdown/ Maintenance

✓ Under Voltage Relay Installation On Electrical Panel